User Feedback

“I have been using Outlook True Archive for over a year now and have found it to be intuitive, fast and most of all very reliable. For anyone that uses Microsoft Outlook – this is what Microsoft should have included to complete the product.”
Bryan L, Perth, Australia

Thanks for being responsive. It is very much appreciated. Most software companies ignore their Customers. It is a pleasure working with you!
Adam A, Massachusetts, USA

“I’m a lawyer and have to save every email that I send or receive. My Outlook “personal folder” was so bloated that it was constantly crashing.

Outlook True Archive allowed me to move all of my old emails out of my “personal folder” and into sorted and easily searchable archive folders. I no longer have to worry about losing all of my old emails in a corrupted “personal folder” and my Outlook is working like new again. Thanks for making OTA!”
Julian C, Illinois, USA

“Thanks indeed. A shining example of quality user support!”
Thomas M, Prague, Czech Republic

“Outlook True Archive saved me from the wrath of my IT department as I couldn’t archive mail properly with native tools due to a system migration changing the modified timestamp of all the mail in my oversized mailbox.
Thanks for a great tool that’s really easy to use.”
Glenn S, Victoria, Australia

“Outlook True Archive is a must-have tool that had already saved me dozens of hours of laborious work. As a system administrator of a 30-user network, I often need to archive my users’ mailboxes. MS Outlook’s annoying “feature” of archiving emails by their Date Modified attribute, coupled with the fact that some of our users have more than 100 subfolders nested under their Inbox, made OTA one of my all time favorite utilities. OTA makes email management a breeze!”
Dotan A, New York, USA

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