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Who publishes OTA?

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HE Clissmann is a firm based in Dublin, Ireland, founded in 1949. We have been involved in the PC business since 1979. Our first “PC” was a North Star Horizon with 32K of RAM and two floppy disk drives, running CP/M.

What IT work HE Clissmann does now.

We develop solutions with Microsoft tools where there are none available from other developers. One example is why you are on this site – Outlook True Archive.

We have developed many other products and currently market SMSware for the sending of SMS text messages (www.smsware.com). We have a Time and Attendance product in development.

Where we are located (and what else we do).

  • We are located in our own premises south-west of Ireland’s capital, Dublin. (www.clissmann.com)
  • As part of our business, established in 1949, we distribute pharmaceutical products to hospitals and pharmaceutical wholesalers and retailers in Ireland.