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Product activation

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As of April 30th 2019 our service provider for authentication of installations (aka activation) is withdrawing their service. We have reviewed the impact of their decision on our modest offering and feel we have no choice but to withdraw OTA from the market. This decision is taken with regret and has been informed by the age of the product and the tools it uses (though it still works well for current users). 

Current users have come to rely on the results produced by OTA and we plan to offer a version of the software to them without activation limits, on the basis that this last edition is used by them only and will work but will not be supported in the future.

We are saddened to “step off the stage” but this decision has been thrust upon us and we ask for your understanding.

Product activation for Outlook True Archive [OTA]

What is Product Activation?

Product Activation is a software feature that scans a computer, computes a fingerprint for its hardware, and links a specific product such as Outlook True Archive with the fingerprint.

What information is passed during the Activation Process?

The information transmitted does not include any personal information, nor does it include any information about the software or documents that reside on the computer. Only your Outlook True Archive serial number and the hardware fingerprint are transmitted.

What happens if I change the hardware in the computer?

Minor changes to the computer’s configuration will not affect the activation. Major changes to the computer’s configuration may require reactivation of the software. If you are about to make hardware changes to your computer you should first deactivate Outlook True Archive by un-installing the software. (for very old versions, see “How do I manually release / deactivate the Outlook True Archive license?” below).

How many times can I re-install Outlook True Archive?

You can reinstall Outlook True Archive up to four times.

(However, for very old versions of Outlook True Archive, you must first deactivate your Outlook True Archive license by following the steps outlined in How do I manually release / deactivate the Outlook True Archive license?” shown below.)

Upgrading your computer hardware or moving your license to a new computer

  • Make a note of your “Registered name” and “License key” which you can find on the “License” tab of the Configuration dialog.
  • Release the license key on the existing computer How do I manually release / deactivate the Outlook True Archive license?”)
  • Install Outlook True Archive on the new computer
  • Run Outlook True ArchiveConfiguration icon
  • Click on the “Configuration” button
  • Click on the “License” tab
  • Enter your “Registered name” and “License key”
  • Click “Okay”. Outlook True Archive will then activate the software.

How do I manually release / deactivate the Outlook True Archive license?

  • Start Outlook True Archive.Configuration icon
  • Click on the “Configuration” button.
  • While holding down the Control key click on the “License” tab.
  • Click on the “Release License Key” button.

OTA displays an activation error – is there an alternative way to activate the software?

This can arise where something is blocking the activation request such as anti-virus software or rules in a router or firewall. Manual activation is possible, as follows:

  1. Start Outlook True Archive
  2. Click on the grey “Configure” icon at the top right hand side to open the ‘Configuration’ screen
  3. Hold down the [Control] key and click on the license tab
  4. Enter your Registered Name and License key details and the click the ‘Manual Activation’ button.
  5. A new page will open, select ‘Activate using a web browser on this computer’ and click ‘Next’.
  6. Click on the URL link on the next page and a web page with the Installation ID pre-populated will open.
  7. Click ‘Submit’ and you are given an ‘Activation Code’.
  8. Now go back to the manual activation dialogue, click ‘Next’ and copy the activation code into the available fields (you can copy the whole code at once).
  9. Now click on ‘Activate’, (take a note of the installation ID and Activation Code for your records), and then on ‘Done’