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Welcome to the support page for our software

We have found that many support issues for customers using OTA for some time are addressed by their downloading and installing the latest version () of the software. By ensuring that you are using this latest version, you may save yourself the inconvenience of a technical support question.

Support for Outlook True Archive [OTA]

Full manual (PDF format, less than 500Kb) This manual provides a guide on the use of OTA Includes details on “How to”, an FAQ, a guide to product activation and command line parameters

  • Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] We have compiled this list, based on user’s questions
  • Tutorial videos We have prepared these Flash training videos, based on user’s enquiries about how best to achieve certain tasks.
  • Command Line Parameters (PDF format, less than 200Kb) This guide is for advanced users of OTA Command line parameters let you automate archiving tasks in OTA
  • About product activation This guide describes product activation in OTA.